The ClearCorrect system has been widely used in the US since 2009. ClearCorrect aligners work like any other orthodontic appliance. They apply pressure in order to gradually move the teeth and reshape supporting bone. Each aligner in the series applies light pressure to certain teeth pushing them to the desired position. After a prescribed amount of time, you change to the next aligner in the series.

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ClearCorrect can be used to correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues including crowded teeth, gapped teeth and bite issues. The great news is that it can be done discreetly. The aligners are virtually invisible, and most people won’t even notice you are wearing them!

The process is simple.The doctor will capture the current shape of your teeth through impressions and determine exactly how they should be straightened. This information will be sent to ClearCorrect where they will create virtual models of your teeth going from their current state to their final desired position. These models will then be printed on 3D printers as your clear aligners.

It is essential that patients wear their aligners all day, only removing them to eat, brush and floss. When the process is complete, you will enjoy a healthier and more beautiful smile! To learn more about ClearCorrect and if it’s the right solution for you, contact Three Creek Dentistry today.

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