Dental Fillings in Derwood, MD

Restoring a natural tooth to its original state is easier than ever with a dental filling! A dental filling can repair a tooth from decay and improve the structure of your tooth, allowing your tooth to function normally. At Three Creek Dentistry, we’re proud to offer composite resin, or tooth-colored fillings, to restore your smile.

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Dental fillings can improve the structure of your tooth or resolve cavities. Out of the restorative dentistry options available, dental fillings are popular as there are different types of dental filling materials available. If you need to repair cavities or are looking for dental fillings in Derwood, MD, contact our office to discuss your options!

Dental Fillings FAQ

Regardless of your reason for the restorative dentistry treatment, tooth-colored fillings can restore your smile!

Why would I need a dental filling?

Once tooth decay or dental trauma has impacted your tooth, the chances of your natural tooth surviving without an effective restorative dentistry treatment are lower. Dental fillings for tooth decay can maintain the natural structure of your tooth and restore function to your bite. A dental filling provides relief if you’re experiencing discomfort and can even be considered a cosmetic dentistry treatment if you want to replace traditional amalgam fillings.

What are dental fillings made of?

There are several types of dental filling materials available. Our dental fillings in Derwood, MD, are composite resin materials. This material is a mix of glass or quartz filler and provides good durability and resistance when used for small to mid-sized fillings. Our tooth-colored fillings can be used on the front or back teeth and are a good choice for patients who prefer a natural-looking finish.

How long do dental fillings last?

Due to its durability, tooth-colored fillings generally last five years or longer with good care. Though tooth-colored fillings have a long life span, the longevity all depends on wear and tear and care. Sometimes dental fillings will need to be replaced, but whether or not you have a dental filling, you should always be brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and maintaining regular dental visits with our team!

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