TMJ & TMD Treatment

The jaw joint or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) plays a critical role in your dental function. It allows you to open and close your mouth, speak and chew your food. However, if the TMJ endures excessive strain or irritation, patients can experience significant discomfort. In fact, a TMJ disorder can threaten your quality of life, as the condition is commonly associated with the following disruptive symptoms:

  • Jaw popping or clicking
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Tension headaches
  • Facial pain or ear pain
  • Worn teeth

Three Creek Dentistry proudly offers TMJ & TMD treatment as part of our comprehensive general dentistry services. When it comes to jaw problems, we give Derwood patients the effective and lasting relief they deserve. We understand how disruptive jaw pain can be; therefore, we take the time to accurately diagnose your condition and offer the latest TMD treatments in modern dentistry.

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

Jaw pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Those who suffer from TMD may be clenching or grinding their teeth during the night. Other patients may have a malocclusion or bad bite that needs to be corrected. Regardless of the cause, TMD can produce serious threats to your daily comfort and quality of life. You may feel restricted when you try to open your mouth or you may suffer from frequent headaches and facial pain. The good news is that Three Creek Dentistry can help.

We have a keen understanding of the jaw joint and its surrounding muscles and nerves. Our professionals offer non-surgical treatments to eliminate your jaw pain and facial pain for good. Most patients benefit from our custom oral appliance therapy. A nightguard can prevent teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep, a leading contributor to TMJ discomfort.

At Three Creek Dentistry, we want to bring you relief from your TMD symptoms today. Our state-of-the-art practice in Derwood treats patients of all ages in a soothing environment. Feel free to take advantage of flexible financing and scheduling opportunities. Contact us today to book your TMJ evaluation at Three Creek Dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been considering seeing a dentist for TMJ? There are a few questions we commonly hear from patients who are considering TMJ and TMD treatment. If you have any further questions that aren’t answered below, feel free to reach out!

How do you diagnose TMJ?

There is no standard way to test for or to diagnose TMJ. If you visit a dentist for TMJ-related symptoms, they may begin by examining your jaw to observe the range of movement, to listen for any clicking or popping sounds, and to see if there are any signs of swelling or tenderness. Your dentist may also want to take an X-ray to get a better look at your jawbone. Discussing your symptoms and concerns with your dentist will help them determine which TMJ and TMD treatment options will work best for you.

Can TMJ go away on its own?

Mild TMJ symptoms may go away on their own, but getting to the root of the problem is still the best solution. Because TMJ and TMD treatment tends to be conservative and non-invasive, reducing the pain and symptoms of TMJ is usually an easy fix. Simply using a nightguard while sleeping could be the key to relieving jaw stiffness or daily headaches. If TMJ has been negatively affecting your life, it’s worth discussing with your dentist.

Can TMJ cause long-term effects?

TMJ symptoms can become worse over time. What begins in the jaw can start to spread to other muscle groups in the body as they try to compensate for the nightly jaw tension, which leads to muscle fatigue and overall exhaustion. In some cases, TMJ can lead to ear pain that is misdiagnosed as ear infections, because the inflamed muscles in the top part of the jawbone are so close to the ear canal. Some patients develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the unrelenting pain and fatigue. If you are ready to see a dentist for TMJ, please give our office a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.

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