General Dentistry

A confident smile is a healthy smile. At Three Creek Dentistry, we’ve equipped ourselves to protect and restore your oral health through all stages of life. Our dental care services in general dentistry include preventive cleanings as well as dedicated treatments to repair decay, gum disease, tooth damage and other dental concerns. We help patients realize the vital link between their dental health and their overall health and well-being. Whatever your smile needs to achieve ideal health and function, we can handle it.

Three Creek Dentistry serves children and adults in Derwood with the following list of general dentistry services:

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We realize that dental problems can be widespread, ranging from cavities and gum disease to bad breath, jaw pain and oral cancer. At our Derwood practice, we are qualified to address them all. We offer the best that modern dentistry has to offer, in the comfortable environment you deserve. Contact Three Creek Dentistry today and take your first step towards a more confident and healthier smile. We offer extended hours, family block scheduling and Saturday appointment for your convenience.

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