Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be a deal breaker for your smile and your oral health. Not only can missing teeth threaten your smile appearance, but they can lead to shifting teeth, decay and bone loss if not addressed. Depending on the location of your missing teeth, eating and speaking may also become a challenge. Fortunately, you have a dentist in Derwood that specializes in quality teeth replacement, including custom dental bridges.

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can be used to replace a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. Three Creek Dentistry offers beautiful dental bridges to accomplish the following:

  • Restore your natural bite
  • Improve smile appearance
  • Prevent crookedness and shifting of teeth
  • Regain comfortable dental function for chewing and speaking

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A bridge involves one or more prosthetic teeth that are secured on either side by dental crowns. These may be crowns that are placed on existing teeth or on top of dental implants. A dental bridge can be fixed into place to provide a secure and reliable solution for your gapped smile. At Three Creek Dentistry, we aren’t satisfied until you are. Therefore, we will work hard to ensure your dental bridge fits comfortably and looks natural before we are finished with your treatment. If your dental bridge suffers damage or needs repair in the future, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

When choosing us to replace missing teeth, you’ll gain a solution that looks, feels and functions at an optimal level. We offer a full menu of services when it comes to restoring and enhancing your smile. You can trust that we will take ample time with you to evaluate your clinical needs and explain your treatment options upfront.

Ready to bridge the gap of your missing teeth? Contact Three Creek Dentistry today. We are experts at improving your smile.

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