Dental Bridges

At Three Creek Dentistry, we offer multiple teeth replacement options. Whether you are missing a single tooth or several teeth in a row, a dental bridge can be an effective way to restore your smile. We take the time to consult with each one of our patients individually to help them choose the best restoration for their unique situation.

dental bridge diagram

Dental bridges are aptly named because they are literally a bridge made of false teeth. On either side of the gap created by your missing tooth or teeth, there will be abutment teeth that anchor the tooth bridge in place. The abutment teeth can be your natural teeth if they are strong and healthy. Another option for abutments are dental implants topped with dental crowns.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer numerous missing tooth replacement options for many different budgets. The dental bridge cost varies depending on the type of bridge chosen. Those requiring implants or multiple teeth cost more. Implants take more time to be completed because of additional healing requirements, but they last longer and feel more natural. On the other hand, a bonded bridge is a fairly simple procedure where an artificial tooth is bonded into place in between healthy anchor teeth on either side. The types of tooth replacement choices best suited for your situation will be fully explained to you by our experienced dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental bridges permanent?

Your bridge can either be a fixed dental bridge or a removable bridge. Fixed dental bridges are more durable and stable but a removable bridge is more budget-friendly. Our office will help you determine how much of the cost your insurance will cover. We offer a Dental Savers Plan which provides a discount on implants and other services, and we also partner with a third party financing company.

Is a dental bridge painful?

The dental bridge procedure varies depending on the type of bridge you select but rest assured, the process will not be painful. Dental bridges do not require surgery unless you choose a bridge supported by dental implants. And if you choose implants you can take comfort in knowing that our team at Three Creek Dentistry is experienced at offering the type of sedation you need to remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

Is a dental bridge better than an implant?

The advantage of replacing a missing tooth with an implant instead of a dental bridge is that the implant mimics a tooth root so it will maintain bone density and face shape. Although the artificial tooth on top of the implant will need to be replaced at some point, the actual implant will likely last 40 years, or even a lifetime if you maintain your oral and physical health. If you are missing more than one or two teeth, then a dental bridge might be a better solution. This is especially true if you are on a budget or don’t want to wait for the implants to heal before getting your new teeth. If you are missing a longer string of teeth you might want to combine implants and a bridge. Our dentists will help you understand your many options.

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