Comprehensive Dental Services

Our ability to care for your smile is something we take immense pride in. Not only can we treat all facets of your smile in one location, but we deeply value the manner in which our services are delivered. In fact, patient experience is a top priority at our dentist office in Derwood. Three Creek Dentistry is equipped with a skilled family dentist, modern amenities, cutting-edge technology and an environment that feels like home. We work hard to ensure that patients of all ages can benefit from a comfortable, stress-free dental visit.

What does full-service dentistry mean for you and your family? We can protect your smile with routine cleanings, custom mouthguards and gum disease therapy as well as restore your teeth from damage with root canals, custom crowns, tooth-colored fillings and other procedures. If you suffer from missing teeth, you can trust Three Creek Dentistry for excellence in dental implants. Our dentist is even qualified to perform leading cosmetic services, from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers. Whatever your smile needs to stay healthy and look beautiful, we can do it.

While our expertise in dental services are widespread, we never overlook the importance of your family’s budget and scheduling needs along the way. You’ll find easy financing plans, extended appointment hours and same day dentistry to make dental care more doable. After all, taking care of your teeth and gums can produce lifelong benefits towards your self-esteem as well as your overall health. Contact Three Creek Dentistry today to discover our personal commitment to exceptional dental care in Derwood.

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