Halitosis Treatment

Is bad breath putting a damper on your relationships? Whether it’s a first date or business meeting, bad breath is never welcome. In fact, halitosis is a major source of embarrassment for many patients. While many Americans turn to chewing gum and peppermints to fight bad breath, there may be an underlying dental concern that needs to be addressed first. If you frequently struggle with halitosis, schedule an appointment at Three Creek Dentistry for general dentistry. Not only will you be met with compassionate and non-judgmental care, but we have proven bad breath therapies that can give you lasting relief.

Treatment for Bad Breath

The first step to treating your bad breath is to determine the root cause. While eating onions or garlic can certainly produce undesirable breath, chronic halitosis may be an indication that your oral health is compromised. Bad breath is commonly caused by excessive bacteria in the mouth, which means you may need to simply practice better oral hygiene to reverse the condition. In other cases, however, bad breath can be a sign of gum disease, infection or other dental concerns. Those who have a dry mouth are especially vulnerable to bad breath since low saliva makes it harder to wash away food debris and bacteria.

If bacteria accumulate on the teeth, gums or tongue, it will start to feed on the surrounding acids, sugars and food debris. As it breeds, bacteria produce foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Therefore, thorough brushing and flossing are essential to keep bad breath away. Regardless of the severity of your halitosis, we have a dentist that can find an effective solution. Your treatment may include gum disease therapy, a professional cleaning or special mouthwash to combat dry mouth. At Three Creek Dentistry, we believe in personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Stop suffering from embarrassing bad breath. Contact Three Creek Dentistry and talk to a trusted and experienced dentist today. We understand that fresh breath is essential to a healthy smile and confident lifestyle.

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