Receding Gum Treatment

Do your teeth look longer than they used to? Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity when you consume hot or cold drinks? These are symptoms associated with receding gums. While not all receding gums may indicate an oral health problem, gum recession is a primary sign of gum disease. At Three Creek Dentistry, we offer the most proven periodontal therapies to help patients maintain or regain optimal gum health. We encourage patients to seek general dental treatment at the first sign of gum recession so that they can benefit from more conservative, non-surgical treatments to reverse their condition. If gum disease is the culprit, we may recommend a deep cleaning in order to eradicate the harmful bacteria and infection beneath the gum line.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

If you consistently find that your gums bleed when your brush your teeth, don’t ignore it. This may be your gums telling you that they need professional attention or better care at home. Gums that bleed easily or appear puffy or swollen are typically an indication of gingivitis or early gum disease. Rest assured that gum disease is easily treated at this stage, and one of our team members can instruct you on how to do it. When plaque accumulates and hardens beneath at the gum line and around the tooth roots, the surrounding soft tissues can get irritated or inflamed. This produces outwards symptoms such as red, puffy or bleeding gums.

Get effective and long-lasting relief for your receding, bleeding or swollen gums today by contacting Three Creek Dentistry. At our Derwood office, you can expect an informed, comfortable and rewarding visit.

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