Tooth Pain Relief

Just like other living parts of your body, your teeth can hurt. Teeth that produce pain are often compromised in some way. A painful tooth may be one that is diseased, decayed or injured. Whatever the reason for your tooth discomfort, we can help you at Three Creek Dentistry. We treat your entire family with preferred treatments in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, whether we are performing a painless root canal or providing a tooth-colored filling, you can trust our dental professionals to restore your damaged tooth quickly and seamlessly. Our Derwood office is a place where patient comfort is highly valued. From our soothing amenities to our comfort injection techniques, you don’t have to fear your dental treatments at Three Creek Dentistry.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is often a symptom of TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. However, there are other dental issues that can trigger jaw pain, including gum disease, cavities, an abscess or a misaligned bite. In order to treat your jaw pain appropriately, an accurate diagnosis is needed. At Three Creek Dentistry, we have a dentist who is trained in multiple dental specialties. Therefore, whether your jaw pain relief involves a custom oral appliance or gum disease therapy, we can handle it here.

Are you experiencing sudden jaw pain? Perhaps your jaw discomfort has gradually progressed in the past several weeks. In either case, professional treatment is encouraged. Contact our Derwood office today and let us help you regain comfort within your jaw and your smile. Patients of all ages can take advantage of our top ranked treatments for dental pain.

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