What Do Dental Fillings Do for You?

dental fillings comparing amalgam and composite materials

Dental fillings are a commonly provided dental treatment. Many patients end up needing dental fillings at some point throughout their lives, if not multiple times. What are dental fillings? Keep reading to learn more about them and how they can help your smile!

What Are Dental Fillings?

When decay gets ahold of a tooth, it eats away at the enamel, leaving a cavity. Dental fillings are utilized to repair the hole left in the tooth. Without fillings, the tooth would continue to deteriorate and be susceptible to reinfection. Fillings can be made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Amalgam (Silver)
  • Composite Resin
  • Gold
  • Porcelain

Benefits of Composite Resin Dental Fillings

Most patients get a cavity at least once, so it’s important to have a filling that won’t stand out or draw attention to the tooth. The most popular dental fillings are made from tooth-colored composite resin. Composite resin fillings are discreet and barely noticeable. Dentists will match the filling to the shade of your teeth so that it blends in seamlessly on the crown of your tooth. Composite resin fillings are durable, stain-resistant, and strong. They help preserve a tooth after removing tooth decay and help prevent future cavities.

What Happens During the Filling Process?

Before your dentist begins, they will completely numb the area around the tooth. The most you should feel during the treatment is slight pressure while they work. For patients with dental anxiety, you may receive nitrous oxide (laughing gas) before the filling process begins.

Once the area around your tooth is numb and any sedation has been administered, your dentist will use a small drill or laser to remove spots of decay from your tooth. After all of the decay is removed, your dentist will clean out and disinfect the cavity. Your dentist will start placing the composite resin into the cleaned cavity and shaping it so that it follows the same shape as the tooth. Once the resin is perfectly molded to the tooth, they will cure it with a blue UV light.

Need a Dental Filling? We Can Help!

At Three Creek Dentistry, we take great pride in offering a wide range of treatment options including composite resin dental fillings. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation!


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