Clean Is Not Always In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Can we agree that the word “clean” is quite relative to the beholder? For example, if a child is instructed to clean her bedroom she may do so with great satisfaction and pride as she shoves all of her toys under her bed. Clean, right? Wrong! She just shoved the stuff away so no one could see it, and she gets the green light to resume her playing from her mom. Or perhaps you walk into your home after a long vacation. Everything looks neat and organized just as you left it, but after closer examination, you discover a layer of dust has appeared and a pink ring is forming in your toilet bowl…yuck!

Clean does not always equal nice, neat and straight. Clean teeth are the same way. You may be experiencing a great deal of satisfaction with the clean and straight appearance of your teeth, however there may be problems lurking underneath or between your teeth that actually mean they are filled with bacteria and other harmful agents in your mouth.

At Three Creek Dentistry, we offer routine cleanings and checkups to ensure that your teeth truly are clean. We use modern technology to examine each tooth for signs of wear, plaque and we even screen for signs of oral cancer. Our professional cleaning staff will take care and of you and your child during your comprehensive dental exam. You will be able to rest easy knowing that each member of your family truly is experiencing a clean and healthy mouth!

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