Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year!

using a laptop to research dental insurance benefits

November has arrived, which means we don’t have too much longer until 2021 comes to a close. That also means there isn’t much time left to use up any dental benefits you have remaining before they expire at the end of the year. There’s no better time than the present to book your next appointment at the dentist and here’s why:

Don’t Let Your Dental Benefits Expire

Did you know that if you don’t use up the rest of your dental benefits for the year, they’ll disappear come January? At least with most insurance plans that’s the case. It’s a situation of “use them or lose them” since there’s no rollover into the next year. It’s important to keep this in mind because you don’t want to be sitting there in January realizing you need a treatment, but now you have to meet your deductible again and pay more for it. We’ve seen time and time again how patients lose hundreds, and sometimes thousands, worth of “dental dollars” just because they let the end of the year sneak up on them!

Maximize Your Dental Benefits

One easy way to maximize your dental benefits is to book another dental cleaning if you haven’t met your allotment for the year. Most dental insurance plans include two teeth cleanings as part of your coverage, but many people often forget to take advantage of that! Another way you can maximize your benefits is to look into getting any treatment that you know you need but haven’t had the time to get yet. It could work out in your favor financially to get it now rather than push it off even more into 2022.

Schedule Your Dental Visit Today!

Ready to schedule your dental visit? Give us a call or send us an email! Three Creek Dentistry is here to help with all your smile needs. Our knowledgeable team is also happy to assist if you have any financial questions related to maximizing your insurance benefits. Our Derwood dental practice works with a variety of insurance providers so we can be your guide through the ins and outs of using your benefits to pay for your oral healthcare.


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