What to Do When a Dental Emergency Happens

dental emergency kit next to a tooth

Have a dental emergency? Don’t panic! We know that dental emergencies must be treated with urgency in order to obtain the best possible outcome, so we are here ready to help our patients dealing with a dental crisis. To learn more about what to do in case of dental emergency, and what really qualifies as an urgent dental situation, keep reading.

Emergencies at Three Creek Dentistry

As one of our patients, you have someone to call if you find yourself in an emergency dental situation. Your teeth and mouth can suffer serious trauma just like any other part of your body. As always, there’s no time to waste. Especially if we’re going to save the tooth! Our office is open extended hours, including early mornings, after work hours, and even Saturdays. Not only that, but we set aside time in our schedule every single day in order to treat dental emergencies as they arise. We’re well-equipped to help you on the spot so that you can avoid any unnecessary pain, discomfort, and lasting damage.

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency

While any problem with your teeth should warrant a call to the dentist and eventual visit, not everything requires an urgent emergency visit. Issues that we consider an emergency include extreme pain or infection, sudden bleeding and/or swelling, trauma or injury, lost or cracked filling, broken tooth, knocked out tooth, and a broken or missing crown. So make sure you have our number programmed into your phone so that you’re ready to reach us if presented with any of these issues.

Reliable Dental Care in Derwood, MD

Among the many reasons why seeing a dentist regularly is crucial to your dental health is that you’ll have someone to call when a dental disaster strikes. Aren’t a patient, but want to be? You’re in luck! We’re just a call or click away, so contact us now to become a patient!


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