Are Natural Toothpastes Really Better?

toothpaste being applied to a toothbrush

In recent years, there’s been an uptick in natural beauty products as consumers seek out so-called “clean beauty” made from a short list of ingredients found in nature rather than manufactured in a lab. We understand this push as people want to make sure that what they’re putting on and in their body is actually good for their health and something they don’t need a chemistry degree to understand. This sentiment has also made its way over to the dental world in the discussion over natural toothpastes. So, are natural toothpastes actually better for you or not?

To Fluoride or Not to Fluoride

While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral proven to improve dental health, many natural toothpastes don’t have fluoride in them. Dentists around the world agree that fluoride is an essential ingredient for fighting against cavities. The fluoride strengthens the enamel, which in term makes it tougher against decay. So, if you’re considering replacing your toothpaste at home with a fluoride-free natural one, you may be doing your smile a disservice.

Empty Promises

While some natural toothpastes may do a great job of leaving your breath feeling fresh and minty, they may not do such a good job of actually preventing cavities. After all, fluoride is a key part in that and without it, the most you may be doing is washing away debris and scrubbing away surface stains. If you want to find a toothpaste that’s been vetted for effectiveness by dental professionals, you should look for the ADA (American Dental Association) seal on the packaging.

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