Are Oral Piercings Dangerous?

Young woman with orange hair and a lip piercing sits against a chain-link fence

Oral piercings can be a unique way for some people to express their style and individuality. However, oral piercings come with some serious risks. If you’re considering getting your tongue, lip, or cheek pierced, read on to learn about potential problems to keep in mind. Moreover, check with our expert Three Creek Dentistry team in Derwood, Maryland for advice based on your individual dental needs and oral health history!

Potential Problems with Oral Piercings

  1. Infection & Swelling
  2. On any given day, your mouth is full of both good and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can collect on an oral piercing and cause a potentially painful and dangerous infection, in addition to swelling at or around the piercing. Untreated infections can even cause severe systemic reactions.

  3. Tooth Damage
  4. Potential infections aren’t the only thing to keep in mind. Your oral jewelry can break off in your mouth, and you might even chip or crack a tooth on it. If you do break your tooth, notify our office as quickly as possible. We will work to repair and restore the function of your tooth before there is any further damage.

  5. Allergic Reaction
  6. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the material of the jewelry, so make sure you do your research beforehand and choose a type that is safe and hypoallergenic.

Proper Care for Oral Piercings

If you do decide to get an oral piercing:

  • Choose a reputable, sterile facility to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Follow the piercer’s instructions for properly cleaning the area every day and give your piercing the maintenance it needs to heal properly so you don’t have to deal with infections or swelling.
  • For as long as you have the oral piercing, you will need to make sure you keep the site of the piercing clean and monitor it for any changes.
  • Reducing the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth through preventive dental care is especially important. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, floss daily, and visit our office every six months for cleanings and examinations.
  • If you do notice any unusual signs or sudden changes to the area around your piercing, let our office know immediately.

To ask our team any other questions about the safety of oral piercings or to schedule your next checkup, contact us today.

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