Why a Root Canal Recommendation Is Actually Good News

illustration of root canal therapy

You may think that hearing your dentist say you need a root canal is the worst news ever, but we want to give you another perspective. In fact, there’s a bright side to getting a root canal, and we’re not just saying that because we’re dental professionals and a little bit nerdy about this kind of stuff. Here’s why a root canal recommendation is actually a good thing:

The Alternative to Getting a Root Canal

When you need a root canal, that means that you have a serious infection in your tooth that cannot be fixed with milder procedures like fluoride treatment or a dental filling. At the same time, it means that there is still a treatment possible that can help remedy your tooth. That’s the silver lining: You still have options and don’t have to lose your tooth!

The alternative is when the infection is even further progressed that not even a root canal will help, and a tooth extraction becomes necessary. It’s far better to keep your natural teeth when you can, and we think you’ll agree. Because if you get an extraction, then you need to also start looking into tooth-replacement options like a dental implant.

Dispelling the Myth About Root Canals

Many people think the worst about root canals because they have it in their head that it’s going to be a painful procedure. That’s far from the truth. These days with modern dental tools, local anesthesia, and sedation options, you’re kept comfortable throughout the treatment. You may feel a little bit of pressure as we work, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. Root canals are a common treatment that only takes 30 minutes to an hour!

Root Canal Therapy at Three Creek Dentistry

If you have any other questions about getting a root canal, don’t hesitate to ask us. Three Creek Dentistry believes in empowering our patients with information so that they never have to feel confused or scared when it comes to their dental care. Call or email our Derwood practice today!


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