Can Dentists Treat Snoring?

woman covers her head with a pillow to block out her partners snoring

If you snore, you know it can cause you to wake up not feeling refreshed the next morning. It can also interfere with your partner’s ability to get a sound sleep. This may cause you to search for a treatment for your snoring. Fortunately, Three Creek Dentistry, serving Derwood, MD, and the surrounding region, may be able to offer you a solution.

Why a Dentist Can Treat Snoring

While sometimes snoring stems from a problem with your sinuses or another issue, the problem can arise from sleep apnea. When you have the obstructive form of this condition, your throat muscles collapse. Your tongue plays a role in blocking your airway as well. Dentists have a thorough understanding of the inside of your mouth and how each part works together and how these parts can lead to certain issues like snoring.

How Can a Dentist Treat Snoring

First and foremost, your dentist will ask you to fill out a complete medical history report that includes gathering information about your family medical history. Your dentist will analyze the results and ask you about any symptoms you have along with your snoring to determine a possible cause. Often, if you don’t already have a diagnosis of sleep apnea, your dentist will recommend a sleep study to get a diagnosis. Specifically, your dentist will let you know about places in the area that offer sleep studies.

Custom Oral Appliance

Once you have a confirmed case of sleep apnea, you return to the dentist who can provide treatment. Your dentist may fit you for a custom orthotic, which acts like a sports guard that fits over your teeth to keep your airways open while you sleep. Only with this mouthguard, your jaw is repositioned slightly forward to prevent your throat muscles and tongue from collapsing.

This particular appliance requires the dentist to take a mold of your mouth and customize your guard to your teeth. Ultimately, this ensures your orthotic is comfortable and corrects your snoring.

If you suffer from chronic snoring, you may want to schedule an appointment with a dentist. A dental practitioner at our office will discuss your problem and determine a treatment that’s ideal for your condition. Book an appointment with Three Creek Dentistry today, for relief of your chronic snoring by calling 240-541-5317.


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