How Do Dentists Treat TMJ?

dark haired woman holds her jaw in pain from TMJ

TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, is an issue that may arise if you grind or clench your teeth. However, genetics may play a role, and sometimes, the cause is unknown. The condition can cause you pain and even limit how wide you may open your mouth. At Three Creek Dentistry, serving Derwood, MD, and the nearby region, we can help.

Mouth Guard at Night

One option you have for the treatment of TMJ is a dental mouth guard you use at night. Your dentist will fit you for a guard just like you’d wear for sports. Only this one is meant for you to wear at night while you sleep. It prevents your top and bottom teeth from rubbing against one another when you grind your teeth. Besides grinding, you also won’t be able to clench your teeth at night.
Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be less likely to have pain in your jaw. Plus, you’re protecting your teeth from the damage that occurs from these habits.

Keep in mind that sometimes bruxism is a secondary issue that occurs from TMJ while it can also be a contributing factor.

Dental Oral Appliance

Sometimes, your dentist might recommend an oral appliance. This device is customized to fit your mouth. With this treatment, the appliance corrects the position of your jaw. It basically eases your jaw into its natural position. This will reduce pain and relieve tension in your jaw. You also wear this device at night while you sleep just like a mouth guard. This particular treatment works because a jaw misalignment can contribute to TMJ disorder.

For some people, TMJ may affect their quality of sleep. With a customized oral device, you’ll get a more restful night’s sleep. A dental appliance can even prevent you from needing a more intense treatment for TMJ, such as surgery.

TMJ Treatment at Three Creek Dentistry

TMJ is just a nuisance for some people. They have minor symptoms like pain, and they might notice their jaw clicks when they open it too far. For other people, the pain can be severe and the symptoms are disruptive. Fortunately, our dentist at Three Creek Dentistry has treatment options available to reduce your discomfort and possibly prevent complications.

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