What To Expect During & After A Root Canal

Woman sitting in the dental chair during her exam.

Root canal therapy must be performed when a tooth has been damaged, and harmful bacteria has made its way inside the tooth. The infection should be treated as soon as possible to restore the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading. If you believe you need a root canal treatment and would like to speak with an experienced dentist in Derwood, MD, please contact Three Creek Dentistry. We would be happy to assess your smile and create a treatment plan based on your unique needs.

During Your Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is an intimidating treatment due to its reputation for being a painful procedure. Fortunately, advancements in modern medicine now allow root canal treatments to be painless procedures! Our team will begin by administering a local anesthetic into the gums near the tooth to completely numb the area. You may feel some pressure on your tooth during the appointment, but it shouldn’t be painful.

A small hole will be drilled in the top of the tooth, and the infected pulp will be cleared out. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed, and a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth while your permanent crown is being created. We will schedule a convenient appointment about two weeks after your root canal treatment to place your permanent crown.

Post-Root Canal Therapy

Patients are free to return to their normal activities and oral hygiene routine after a root canal treatment, but we do recommend exercising caution with your temporary crown. You should chew on the other side of your mouth if possible, and avoid eating anything that is especially sticky, crunchy, or difficult to chew.

Some discomfort after the anesthetic wears off is perfectly normal, and it shouldn’t be anything that over-the-counter pain medication can’t handle. If you notice any swelling or an increase in pain or discomfort, please call our office right away. Likewise, if you have any questions or concerns after your root canal treatment, feel free to contact our office!


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